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Richard Amsel: The Man Behind The Posters

Richard Amsel was born on 4th December 1947 and passed away on 17th November 1985. He was an illustrator and graphic designer. Unfortunately, his career was brief after being struck down with illness but stunningly successful, entailing a wide variety of commercial illustration work including album and magazine covers, it is perhaps Richard Amsel’s movie […]

Prints Of Darkness: The World of Macabre Vintage Posters

Before TV and radio, the main way of reaching the public was with large, eye-catching posters with theatres, silent film and opera advertising with bright colourful images fixed to walls or fences. Unfortunately over the years many of these images have been lost, destroyed or only ever found in very small single digit numbers, but […]

Different Types and Styles of Movie Posters

Looking to find out about the different types and styles of movie posters? You have come to the right place, here will find information and examples of different styles of posters such as Advance/Teaser, Final, Characters, etc and types such as Double/Single Sided, Lenticular, Limited Edition, etc. Double/Single Sided Posters Advance/Teaser Posters Main/Final Posters Character Posters […]